The Ceramic Smile (セラミックスマイル, Seramikkusumairu) is an enemy featured in killer7, and a special variety of Heaven Smile. It is encountered by the Smith Syndicate at ISZK-LAND during the first half of Target03: Encounter.

The Ceramic Smile is unique in that it is the only 'mini-boss' Smile to not be fought within the Vinculum Gate. Instead, it is fought in the Spinny-Spinny, a circular tunnel-shaped room located inside the Mystery House. It is much larger and bulkier than most types of Smile, but despite its ungainly appearance it is one of the fastest in the game. It is also averse to confronting the Smiths head-on; whenever it gets too near to the player it will make a small 'uh-oh' noise, turn around and run back the other way. This makes killing it somewhat tricky, as its only weak point is a small heart-shaped area on its chest.

The best strategy is to simply wait for it to turn a corner and come into a view, and then quickly snipe its weak spot with KAEDE. Another tactic is to meet it head on with Con, surprise it and shoot it quickly in the heart before it has a chance to turn around.It should be noted that even though the Ceramic Smile tries to run away from the player, making contact with it will still result in the Smile exploding, instantly killing the persona.

Kess BloodySunday DescriptionEdit

  • This is a real amusement park? I'd only seen them in my dreams. I'm really here, in Ishizaka Land! I can play with the Ceramic Smile. If you don't aim fast and true, they'll slip through your fingers! They run as quick as the devil! If you chase them too far, you'll get it good! It's all so dramatic! The heart doesn't lie. You'll be surprised. The Ceramic Smile is dumb as cement!
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