Carly Reis is a character in Michigan: Report from Hell. She is a ZaKa TV news reporter and the second determinant reporter who may accompany the cameraman during an investigation of a mysterious fog covering Chicago.

Personality and Appearance[edit | edit source]

Carly is a very emotional woman. When under enough stress, her reflexes will take over and result in her putting herself in danger. This is due to her not being out on the field when compared to her co-workers and her feelings towards others' wellbeing. She is very considerate and tries to assist her peers when possible.

History[edit | edit source]

Carly becomes the news team's reporter if Ann Anderson is killed during the International Hotel, Office, and Center Building levels. She joins the cameraman and Jean-Philippe Brisco in the ZaKa TV level. Her first possible death can occur in the St. Matthew's church level, which will result in her being replaced by Justine Rhoades. If she does not die at St. Matthew's church, Carly (like Ann) will stay behind while the cameraman and Brisco travel to the ZaKa TV headquarters. She informs the team that she wants to try helping others.

If Carly survives the St. Matthew's church level, she is reunited with the cameraman and Brisco during the ZakaTV headquarters level. She will remain the team's reporter in investigating the fog's virus unless she is killed herself, which will result in her being replaced by Paula Orton or Mark Bockwinkle. If she survives, as with the other surviving determinant reporters, she will stay behind at the base of the lighthouse while the cameraman and Brisco go inside to activate it. Carly informs the team that she no longer has the energy to proceed after the events she's been through.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her name is a reference to professional wrestler Ron Reis.
  • As with Ann Anderson and Justine Rhoades, Carly owns a pet named Jonesy. The Jonesy owned by Carly is a puppy.
  • Carly will automatically be killed during the Forest Building level if the player tags the locker containing Robbie Adonis. Whereas Ann and Justine will shoot at Robbie if prompted by the player, Carly will embrace Robbie and allow him to kill her.
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