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Camellia Smiles (ツバキスマイル, Tsubakisumairu) are a form of Heaven Smile in the video game killer7. While Heaven Smiles are bred as terrorists, Camellias are shown to be traitors to their kind, frequently assisting the Smith Syndicate in their efforts to destroy Kun Lan's operations. It is possible that Camellias were not manufactured like most Heaven Smiles, but were humans converted into Heaven Smiles by Kun Lan's God Hand. Though stark white in appearance, Camellias' entire bodies are stained with blood; this is a physical manifestation of their traitorous nature, as with KAEDE Smith's dress.

Just as Iwazaru and Travis Bell offer advice in the field, Camellias too serve the player by indicating when the skills of a particular personality are needed. Camellias usually stand still trembling harmlessly if left alone; however, they will flee screaming if the Smiths approach them, and will detonate themselves by impacting with nearby solid surfaces. Successfully killing a Camellia provides a large quantity of thick blood, regardless of whether or not their weak point is hit.

Iwazaru Note DescriptionEdit

  • Master. We're in a tight spot! Just between you and me... There's a traitor amongst the enemy, who wants to defect to your side. His body is stark white, but stained with blood since he was baptized for being a traitor. The poor creeps... They tell your personas where to use the skills. Press the Y Button to use it. But just between you and me... In the name of Harman...

Trivia Edit

  • When the current protagonist is getting closer to a Camellia Smile, this one will eventually flee and scream. When reversed, this scream is the same as the second Red Gunner's crying for help on the second floor inside the "Celtic" Building.

MASK de Smith approaches a Camellia Smile in the Dominican Republic.

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