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Bryan Roses (ブライアン・ローゼス, Buraian rōzesu) is a character in Killer Is Dead. A well-respected former Executioner, he now works as the Chief of the Bryan Execution Firm. Prior to his retirement from professional execution duties, he was partially turned into a cyborg. His associates include employees Vivienne Squall, Mondo Zappa and Damon.

Roses is proud of his work, but leaves most of the day-to-day business of the Execution Office to his subordinates, who he has the utmost confidence in. Although he does not usually actively take part in missions, he can still help out in a fight if he needs to by modifying his cyborg body to form the "Bryan Turret", a power he used during his own run as an executioner.


During Episode 2: KILLER IS DEAD, Bryan appears to Damon after the latter's death to speak with him in a room, a fact that Mondo seemed to be aware of. This suggests that Bryan may have some sort of metaphysical nature, although such a thing is never brought up again.

Later, in Episode 10: The Carrier of Love, Bryan loses his robotic parts while trying to stop TM-551. He spends the money obtained from the mission on golden replacement parts.


Bryan was originally named Brian during development, before his final name was revealed in March 2013.