Broken Smiles (ブロークンスマイル, Burōkunsumairu) are enemies in killer7, and a rare variety of Heaven Smile. They are first encountered at ISZK-LAND during Target03: Encounter.

Broken Smiles, like Diver Smiles, have strange jetpack-like growths fused to their backs, although a Broken's jetpack is much larger and metallic-looking than a Diver's. However, unlike Divers, these jetpacks actually function, allowing the Broken Smile to quickly propel itself towards the player in an erratic, swerving fashion. Due to their speed and off-putting sense of direction they can be very hard to kill before they collide with the player, making them rather dangerous on higher difficulties.

Iwazaru Note DescriptionEdit

  • Master. This is too much. The new type of enemy is called the Broken. This awkwardly-shaped thing is equipped with a flying ability, but is burdened by a complex past. The cockpit is the weak point. Take it out like a puny fly. In the name of Harman...
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