Broadway, also referred to as The Skyscraper Broadway, is a location in killer7. It is the setting of the second part of Target04: Alter Ego, and is based on the real-life Broadway area in the Manhattan district of New York City, NY.

After Trevor Pearlharbor is accidentally killed by Handsome Black, who is in turn shot dead by Dan Smith, the other members of The Handsome Men, led by Handsome Red, challenge the Smiths to a showdown in Broadway. The killer7 duly travel there for the engagement, although the area is strangely completely deserted save for the assassins. After Harman Smith and Handsome Red exchange some brief words, the two teams face off against each other and manage to tie. However, as Garcian Smith begins his round against Handsome Pink, she reveals her true identity - LOVE Wilcox. LOVE explains her actions to Garcian and the truth behind Trevor's murder before seemingly teleporting out of the area as if disconnecting from an online game. This, coupled with the credits for the fictional Hardboiled Shooting killer7 Online game that subsequently roll, leave it ambiguous as to whether or not the Broadway the fight took place in was actually real.

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