Brian Buster Jr. is a character in the video game Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. In it he is the protagonist of the fictional video game Coffee & Doughnuts. Travis Touchdown enters the world of the game where he battles Buster.

Story[edit | edit source]

Events as the game was originally designed

Prince and next in line to the throne of the small Scandinavian country of Ulmarc. After having both eyes gouged out and his father, Brian Buster Sr., assassinated, he is able to meet his father once again in the form of a robot called Wood Suit.

This appears to be the point in the game when Touchdown and Badman enter its world.

Events after Travis and Badman join the game

When they enter Coffee & Doughnuts, Touchdown and Badman find the lifeless body of Buster in his mansion. Death and Drive suggest that coffee and doughnuts may be enough to revive Buster. However this attempt fails multiple times. Buster's body reappears in different areas of the mansion and each time coffee and doughnuts prove futile in healing him, however after enough attempts the plan works and Buster is resurrected.

Buster confesses that he plotted his own death to look like a murder and becomes angry when Touchdown takes responsibility for bringing him back to life, beckoning him into a battle.

After Touchdown destroys Wood Suit and throws Buster into the ground, Buster accuses Touchdown of going easy on him by not slicing him down. Touchdown instead claimed that Buster looked so desperate by the end of their fight, it wasn't worth killing him that way. Buster exclaims that he led a good life and says goodbye to Touchdown. White Sheepman then expels him from the game.

Contemplating his fight with Buster later, Touchdown calls Buster's struggle for a place to die pitiful.

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