Body Slam Beach is a location in the video game No More Heroes. It is located on the coast of Santa Destroy; as such, it probably extends outward toward the North Pacific Ocean. It is the preferred Extreme Murder Battle Stage for the United Assassins Association's sixth in rank, Holly Summers, and is also the site of the Mine Sweeping job.


Body Slam Beach is commonly known in Santa Destroy for its high water contamination resulting from industrial waste and town sewage. Despite these hazardous conditions, the water appears to look completely normal. The Santa Destroy Guide even advises locals against swimming at the beach, or from using the beach as anything more than a hotspot for sunbathing. The beach is also used as a training ground for the LB. Army; leftover mines are occasionally found there, thus making the beach even more unsafe.

The small beach where Holly is fought is revisited in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle during Revenge Mission 4. By this time the beach has been purchased by the Pizza Bat Group and turned into a Construction Site for a new Pizza Batt restaurant.

Cultural referenceEdit

  • Body Slam Beach, like many other areas of Santa Destroy, is named after a wrestling move.
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