The Blackburn Residence (カーティス邸, Kātisu-tei, lit. "Curtis' house") is a location in killer7. It is the setting of the second half of Target03: Encounter. As its name suggests, the property is the home of feared assassin and human trafficker Curtis Blackburn, as well as his protégée AYAME. Its location is simply given as 'Mt. Area, Seattle' on the world map, although its position on the map suggests it is situated somewhere near the real-world Mt. Rainier National Park.


The Residence is located in an isolated, rural part of Washington, far away from any major settlement. This is partly due to Curtis' characteristic paranoia, which is also evident from the comprehensive security measures located throughout the premises. These include laser grids, retina scanners, door lock systems and miscellaneous security panels, all of which are designed to keep out or hinder intruders. Many of these products are made by the ISZK corporation.

The estate is primarily divided into two parts: a main residence located at the front of the property and a smaller, more secluded building situated at the rear. The main building features an expansive living room as well as a bathroom and kitchen, while the rear building contains several bedrooms, as well as a large security-guarded hall. A garage housing Curtis' extensive car collection is also connected to the main residence. A large swimming pool is located between the two buildings, underneath which is a secret tunnel leading to the "Stuffed Animal Room": a death chamber where Curtis guts and stuffs his victims for display.

Names in other languages
Language Name Translation
Flag - EN English Blackburn Residence; "Blackburn's Residence"
Flag - JP Japanese カーティス邸 Kātisu-tei Curtis' residence, Curtis' house
Flag - JP Romaji Blackburn Residence; "Curtis's Residence" Blackburn residence; Curtis' residence
Flag - FR French Résidence de Blackburn; "Manoir de Curtis" Blackburn residence; Curtis' manor, Curtis' house
Flag - DE German Blackburn - Anwesen; Curtis' Haus Blackburn - estate; Curtis' house

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