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Black Heaven Smiles (ブラックヘヴンスマイル, Burakkuhevunsumairu), also known simply as Black Smiles, are enemies encountered in killer7, and are a special variety of Heaven Smile. They are encountered in the Coburn Elementary School gymnasium during Target05: Smile as part of the battle against Greg Nightmare.

Black Smiles are possibly the toughest type of Heaven Smile: they are completely invulnerable to all weapons except Emir Parkreiner's Golden Gun, which will kill them instantly. In addition, being caught by their (unavoidable) attack will instantly result in death, no matter how much health the player has. Their only appearance is during the second half of the fight with Greg Nightmare, who spawns seven Black Smiles from his bloodied torso after his legs are shot off. The Black Smiles then proceed to leap off the gymnasium stage one by one (while the others pose) and hunt down each of the Smiths in turn. Since none of the Smiths' weapons can kill them, death is completely inescapable. However, when Garcian is forced to re-materialise he can pick up the Golden Gun lying on the floor and use it to dispatch the last Black Smile before killing Nightmare for good. Black Smiles look like more muscular versions of normal Smiles, and have completely black mottled skin.


  • Although none of the Smiths can kill the Black Smiles with their regular weapons, if MASK obtains his final costume his grenade launchers' rate of fire will be so high that repeatedly firing at a Black Smile will cause the framerate to stutter and lag heavily (but will not slow down the Smile).
  • When playing on killer8 mode the number of Black Smiles does not change, meaning the final Smile will kill Young Harman instead of going after Garcian. All Garcian has to do is pick up the Golden Gun and shoot Nightmare.