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bar plastic model is an establishment in the video game No More Heroes. It is the one of the local bars in Santa Destroy with an endless supply of Electric Bodhisattva, and the place where Randall Lovikov, one of Travis Touchdown's mentors, can always be found drinking. Here, Lovikov will pass techniques on to Touchdown from his memories, at the cost of seven Lovikov Balls per technique. The teaching process apparently consists simply of a ruthless, off-screen beating. bar plastic model has top of the line sake, and expects patrons not to drink too excessively or there will be consequences,[1] though what these consequences are is uncertain. bar plastic model is open to Travis Touchdown anytime after he ranks eighth in the United Assassins Association.

Three years after Touchdown tops the UAA, the Mafia unleashes an attack on his close friends. Lovikov is ultimately gunned down in bar plastic model, where Mafiosos ambush him in his regular drinking routine.[2]

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