Backside Smiles (バックスマイル, Bakkusumairu, lit. "Back Smile") are enemies featured in killer7. They are a variety of Heaven Smile which first appear at the KAKU Building during the second half of Target01: Sunset.

Backside Smiles are unique in that they appear to float several feet above the ground, unlike most kinds of Heaven Smile. They are virtually indestructible; however, if the player repeatedly shoots the sickles on their wrists enough, they will spin round, turning their back to the Smiths and exposing a vulnerable tumour-like growth on their back. Shooting this weak point will kill them instantly.

Iwazaru Note DescriptionEdit

  • Master. This is too much. The new type of enemy is called the Backside. Its frontside is tough, but it has a weak point on its back. Apparently its personality is very black and white. Aim for its wings. What a fool for showing its rear to the enemy. Just aim for the weak point, and it'll be over in an instant. In the name of Harman...

Backside Smile


  1. This music only plays during the first encounter in the KAKU Building Vinculum Gate.
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