Antenna Demons are rare enemies featured in Shadows of the DAMNED. They first appear in the demonic library during Act 4-3.

Antenna Demons are heavily mutilated in appearance, having had much of their heads removed and replaced with high-voltage electric conductors. Various antennas and wires have been grafted onto their arms and backs as well, allowing them to channel large amounts of electricity and fire powerful bolts of lightning at Garcia. These conductors are powered by stone plug-like objects, which function as batteries; Antenna Demons can teleport between plugs at will, using the electricity to zap Garcia before teleporting away again. They cannot be harmed directly, as this electricity also shields their bodies.

To defeat an Antenna Demon, the player must use the Hot Boner to destroy the plugs - once a demon has nowhere left to teleport, it will run out of power and can be harmed normally. A few normal shots or one Light Shot is all that is needed to kill them at this point, whereupon it will become engulfed in a sphere of energy and explode. It is important that Garcia is not caught in this sphere, as the explosion will do significant damage.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. This music only plays during the first encounter in the library during Act 4-3.
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