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Akyta Dryad is a character in the video game Sine Mora.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Akyta Dryad is an anthropomorphic deer. She wears a hat and a brown vest, with flight jacket sleeves decorated with several patches and insignias. Dryad wears brown military-like boots and trousers, and carries a steampunk-inspired rifle over her shoulder with a belt-strap. Dryad's blood type is B.[1]

Dryad, one of only a few free Enkies remaining, is a fierce opponent of the Layil Empire's oppression of her people: she is resolute, allowing nothing to get in the way of her mission to save her people. She works tirelessly to overthrow the Empire and free her imprisoned countrymen, but in spite of her hard work, the impossibility of her task sometimes becomes difficult to bear, leading her to be somewhat bitter and cynical. She is a compassionate and empathetic woman, caring deeply for the welfare of the imprisoned Enkies and sympathizing with Durak in spite of the other woman's haughty nature. Dryad and Lynthe Ytoo had a relationship at some point during the course of the game.


Akyta Dryad is the leader of a resistance cell and a fugitive, pursued by Collaborationsts and tracked carefully by Imperial Intelligence.[1] Along with other Enkie fugitives Lynthe Ytoo and Durak, she seeks to free the Enkies imprisoned by the Empire and liberate her race.


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