Akira Ueda (上田 晃 Ueda Akira) is a video game designer, director and artist who worked at Grasshopper Manufacture from 1999 through 2005.


Akira Ueda was hired by Square Enix in 1990, where he did background design work for RPGs. Ueda was one of the many staff members who left Square Enix to establish Love-de-Lic, where he worked on the first two of the company's three releases. In 1999, he moved once more, from Love-de-Lic to Grasshopper. He made his directorial debut with Shining Soul, and continued to direct games at Grasshopper for some years. In 2006, during the development of Ueda's final Grasshopper game, Contact, he moved on to his own company, Audio, Inc. At Audio, Inc., Ueda continued to direct with the game Sakura Note; however, he has not directed since, with his next games being put on hold for the foreseeable future.

Ueda has expressed interest in collaborating with Grasshopper to create a Contact 2.

Games as directorEdit

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