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Twelve Feet Under (ご臨終, Go rinjū, lit. "Your Deathbed") is the sixteenth chapter of Shadows of the DAMNED.

Having defeated Justine Divangelo, Garcia and Johnson enter the catacombs underneath Fleming's castle in an attempt to sneak in undetected. Unfortunately, the crypts are still infested with enemies and traps. At several points the pair are also ambushed once again by the deranged Paula, who pursues them through the tunnels as they wonder what happened to the Colonel. This stage features the only appearance of the Blindness Hand.

Red Gems[]

  • Shoot the barrels in the room where you first encounter the Electrodiode Demons to reveal a Red Gem.
  • In the small chamber where the Witchdog Demons attack you, enter the alcove from which they emerge and destroy the crate to find another Red Gem.
  • While you're destroying the Demon Cores fuelling the Blindness Hand, you'll come across a room where you have to destroy a core using the Skullblaster. Shoot the barrel in this room to reveal a Red Gem.

Enemies Introduced[]