Cannibal Carnival (人食い霊園, Hito-gui reien, lit. "Cannibal Cemetery") is the third chapter of Shadows of the DAMNED. It mostly consists of a boss fight with George Reed, and takes place in a bloody meat-filled marketplace crowded with butcher's stalls and stands.

Garcia and Johnson enter the market to find Paula, who teases them by leading them on a chase around the stalls. When Garcia manages to track her down, her body suddenly tears open to reveal the hulking, bloody figure of VIP George Reed, who was first seen in Act 2-1. As George starts to dine on Paula's remains, Garcia vows to destroy him.

George Reed[edit | edit source]

Despite his somewhat fearsome appearance, George is actually fairly simple to beat. Wait for him to approach a barrel of light and then shoot it; while he's lying on the ground, repeatedly shoot him in the head until he gets up. Run away to a safe distance and find another barrel of light, and simply repeat the process. Make sure you don't get too far away from him or he may come up behind you and deliver a surprise attack.

Once you've shot his head enough, George will yell in pain and run off, grabbing a nearby Goat Lamp in the process. This fills the market with Darkness, so quickly try and track George down by looking for the glowing red stall. If your soul meter is about to run out, grab one of the Soul Boosters scattered around the area. Once you've found the Goat Lamp, shoot it with a Light Shot to reveal George. Now simply repeat the earlier process with the barrels of light until he runs off with the Goat Lamp again. Once George takes enough damage he'll collapse in defeat.

After Garcia and Johnson defeat Reed, his helmet cracks open to reveal his bloodied, mutilated face. A giant hand, presumably Fleming's, emerges from the sky and pulls Reed to safety, leaving behind a Blue Gem.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The scene where Paula's seemingly serene disembodied head suddenly comes to life and frightens Garcia is likely a reference to a similar scene in Evil Dead II between Ash and his possessed girlfriend Linda.

Bugs and Glitches[edit | edit source]

  • Very rarely, the Darkness will fill the market without the cutscene playing, and George will continue to pursue Garcia instead of hiding. As the Goat Lamp does not appear, the player cannot dispel the Darkness and must restart the battle. It is unknown what causes this to occur. [1]
  • The wall of debris near the Blue Gem at the end can occasionally be walked through, although an invisible barrier prevents the player from going any further beyond it.
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