Take Me To Hell (私を地獄に連れてって, Watashi o jigoku ni tsuretette, lit. "Take Me To Hell") is the second chapter of Shadows of the DAMNED.

After arriving at the gates of the underworld, Garcia and Johnson enter the City of the Damned and are almost immediately attacked by Demons. During their initial foray into the land of the dead the pair meet One-Eyed William, encounter Justine Divangelo and George Reed for the first time and face off against a Dominator Demon. The Darkness also makes its first appearance here.

Red Gems[edit | edit source]

  • A total of three Red Gems are located underneath the bridge near the Hangman's Tavern.
  • Look behind the pillars at the rear of the courtyard where a dark hand summons several demons to find a Red Gem.
  • In the street leading to the opera house, kick down one of the wooden fences to find a Strawberry. Feed it to the nearby demon baby gate and check inside the shack to find another Red Gem.

Bugs & Glitches[edit | edit source]

  • If you're fast enough, you can actually shoot the Demons you see running past at the end of the blocked-off tunnel near the beginning, although they will simply disappear rather than playing their normal death animation.
  • It's possible to clip through the level boundaries by abusing the dodgy collision detection properties of the many barrels and crates found scattered throughout the level, although the bug is most easily achieved in the area with the Hangman's Tavern. After obtaining the Eyeball, feed it to the Demon Gate and enter the alleyway full of crates. Repeatedly roll into a crate or barrel to push it along the ground (this works better with barrels) and out of the alleyway, back into the main area outside. Push it up either against the wall between the stairs and the other Demon Gate, or into the corner with the lamp-post, so that the barrel/crate is right up against the very edge of the wall. Repeatedly roll into the object and, if you've positioned it correctly, Garcia will roll on top of it and over the invisible boundary, landing him in the rocky area surrounding the underpass.

    Garcia can actually walk on most of this area, as well as through walls, but beware: if you stray too far from the map, Garcia will begin running downwards into an endless black void and will be unable to head back up. If the player tries using weapons here, Garcia's aiming animation will be glitchy, and he will not be able to stop moving forwards. The only option for the player at this point is to quit to the title screen.[1]

Enemies Introduced[edit | edit source]

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